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CPIs depends on multiple factors such as country, operating system, vertical, your CPC bids, bids of competitors, conversion rate of your app store page and ad network that you are using. Typically Android CPIs are higher than IOS. Economically developed countries have higher CPIs than developing ones. Ad network you are buying from affects your CPI as well. For example you will typically generate higher CPI in Snapchat than in Facebook. Similarly rewarded traffic CPIs will be much lower than non rewarded ones. The benchmarks on this page are overall averages for non rewarded installs for each vertical and GEO. What is more important than CPIs is how much value you generate per install. Lower CPIs don’t necessarily mean better value for you as they may come with low user quality. We recommend you to contact us and tell us about your app so we can give you a detailed campaign plan with a strategy to hit your KPIs and reach positive ROI.

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