2022 predictions: marketing is entering an age of innovation

It’s been an eventful year in marketing, with many industry players adapting to the changes in consumer behaviour caused by pandemic disruptions.

January 01, 2022
Top 3 tips to beat the ad blockers on mobile

Globally 43% of the online population is using an ad blocker, with APAC users topping usage at 47%. Over the last five years mobile ad blocking has doubled, spelling trouble for mobile marketers who face the effectiveness of their digital ads being reduced or, worse still, not seen by consumers at all.

April 01, 2022
TikTok, influencer marketing and gaming: 3 ways marketers can reach Gen Z on mobile devices

Gen Z are called digital natives for a reason; 98% of them own a smartphone and during the third quarter of 2020, they spent an average of four hours a day on apps.

April 01, 2022